This is a story about Haagen Henry Haagensen from Sæterhaugen farm in Surnadal, Mor og Romsdalen. Haagen was my great-great grandfather, his daughter, Edna Irene Sather, was my beloved grandmother whom I was very close to. Haagen was a shoemaker in Surnadal. He immigrated to Minnesota in 1870 and changed his name to Haagen Sather. In 1872 he married Berthe Maria Stræte from Gran, Oppland. Berthe was born in Drammen, Buskerud. They bought her fathers farm in Gilchrist, MN which was on a lake later named Sather Lake. They had 8 children. There are 2 cemeteries on the property and the Pope County museum is in the process of photographing the lots. From the pictures I have collected, it is easy to see that they were a wonderful family and full of love. Haagens wife died in 1910 so he remarried Serina Olsdatter Vikse from Hordaland. Serina had 4 children, and most of Haagens children were married and gone. Haagen sold his farm in MN and moved to Poulsbo, WA and purchased a large farm. Edna was still a teenager, as was Serinas daughter Esther. They were sent to school in Seattle, which meant they traveled by ship, and boarded there during the week. I am in possession of Edna's New Testament, written in Norwegian, from 1904 when she was 7 years old. Haagen and Serina are buried in the Poulsbo Cemetery. Betsey is buried in the private Sather Family Cemetery on the lake. Ironically, Betsey's brother, Oluf Stræte, and her brother-in-law, Gilbert Lee, also moved to Poulsbo, WA. The draw to the West was the lumber boom. Feel free to contact me with any questions and copies of pictures.

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