Andrew Taylor Hunter was born in Sunderland on 8th May 1889 and died in Blyth Northumberland in 1972.

He married Mary Elizabeth Metcalfe on 21st September 1907, and their first child, David, came along on 3rd March 1908.  It doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that Mary was already pregnant when they married, and is possibly the reason she is supposed to have lied about her age on the marriage certificate.

A Hard Worker

Andrew was a hard worker.  He first worked as an iron moulder in the Sunderland shipyards.  Then, when work became scarce in Sunderland, he walked to the ferry to make the crossing over the Tyne to Blyth, where he walked to work in the coal mine.  Many times, he didn't have the fare for the ferry, so he would trade small tools (many of which he had made himself) to pay for his crossing.  Eventually, he was able to get a home for his wife and bring her and the children to Blyth.


I knew my great-grandfather up until I was nine years old (when we moved to Scotland).  My abiding memories of him are a small man with a very prominent nose, always in a collarless shirt, black waistcoat and trousers.  He often wore a flat cap.  He ruled the roost at home - no-one dared to cross him at all.  He always had his meal before the children, and they knew not to disturb him while he was eating.

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