In the tranquil St George's Gardens in central London, you find a memorial stone in honour and remembrance of Tim Godwin.

Some years ago I lived for a while in 1 Regent Square, London. Just behind the sitting room wall in the garden flat that I stayed in was St George's Gardens - an old London graveyard now made into a park.

As you enter the gardens through the Heathcote Street entrance, you find a small memorial stone in honour of Tim Godwin. It reads as follows:

"To our dearest Tim Godwin, 1964 - 1995, with lots of love, Mum, Dad & Nic. LYH."

I didn't know Tim but I would still like to honour his memory by creating this simple saga-chapter. He left his loved ones far too early - but the few words on this humble stone tell us that he is a man much loved - and much missed.

I salute the memory of Tim Godwin.

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