In 1985, Dordi Glærum Skuggevik and her son Magne set out on an epic journey - from Nordmøre in Norway to forests and prairie in the promised land of North-America. Where did they go all those people emigrating from Stangvik and Surnadal a generation or four ago - now only names in the local history books? Did life become what they had hoped for?

Norsk versjon

«HISTORY OF EMIGRATION FROM NORDMØRE - Stangvik and Surnadal parishes»
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«History of emigration from Nordmøre» is a fantastic monument and a history's treasure trove for future generations - a bridge across a stormy ocean - from the sagaland in the east to the new world in the west. Below you will find links to all of the book's chapters.

In the book's part VI, you will find an overview of the farms, crofts and houses that the emigrants left from - and which often gave them their surname. And in part IV you can read extracts from the diaries of Ingeborg Olsdatter Øye Bergeim - which will give you a unique insight into her life before the departure from Norway - and the harsh realities that awaited Ingeborg and her husband, Peder, in the new world.

In «History of emigration from Nordmøre», Dordi Glærum Skuggevik has painted to life - and given a voice to - generations of people that have long since departed this world.

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All chapters in Norwegian are now fully uploaded with photos - and can be found by clicking «Norsk versjon» above. The English version of the chapters will be uploaded gradually as we move forward in 2014. The chapters already uploaded in English can be seen as links below.



Part I - Abstracts of the emigration records - statistics

EI-1 Abstracts of the emigration records

EI-1 Map of Nordmøre

EI-1 Tables, graphics

EI-1 «Flesh and blood»


Part II - Nordmøre settlements in Michigan

EII-1 The first

EII-1 The dramatic crossing of the next group

EII-1 Why Michigan?

EII-1 The lumber camps

EII-2 Northport

EII-3 Suttons Bay

EII-4 The islands

EII-4 East Jordan

EII-4 Elk Rapids

EII-5 Elberta and Frankfort

EII-6 Our mariners on Lake Michigan

EII-7 Norway Town - Empire

EII-8 Organization of church life

EII-9 The earliest known emigration via The Netherlands

EII-10 Decoraposten, Friday 5 December 1919

EII-11 Concluding remarks on the Michigan settlements

EII-12 «Offshoots» of the Leelanau settlement


Part III - Farther westward


EIII-1 Jackson

EIII-2 Murray County

EIII-3 Kandiyohi County - Willmar

EIII-4 Fergus Falls - Otter Tail County - Underwood

EIII-5 The Skrøvsets in Northwest Minnesota

EIII-6 Ironton

EIII-7 The Lake Superior region

EIII-8 Lake Crystal

EIII-9 Contemporary emigration to Minnesota


EIII-10 Richland County

EIII-11 Nordmøre Township - Devils Lake

EIII-12 Pekin

EIII-13 Williams County - Williston - Alamo

EIII-14 Minot

EIII-15 Bismarck


EIII-16 Eau Claire

EIII-17 Stanley

EIII-18 The church records in Strum

EIII-19 Rice Lake


EIII-20 Colorado


Part IV - Diaries

EIV-1 Peder P. Sande

EIV-2 Ingeborg Olsdatter Øye - married Bergeim

EIV-3 Arnt Røv

EIV-3 Johan Larson Torslet

EIV-3 Mikkel G. Sande

EIV-3 John P. Snekkevik - two anecdotes


Part V - Contemporary emigration - The west coast - Canada

EV-1 The west coast and contemporary emigration

EV-2 Canada

EV-3 Lumbering on the northwest coast


Del VI - Our names in America - Family synopsis - Postscript

EVI-1 Our names in America

EVI-2 Introduction to the family synopsis

EVI-3 Family synopsis

EVI-4 Postscript


Part VII - A brief summery in English (from the original book published in Norwegian)


The Emigration Dream


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* Copyright Dordi Glærum Skuggevik 1986 - ISBN 02-991394-0-6. Please note: The original text and photo captions in Norwegian – and any digitisation and translation thereof - contain information from public, private and personal sources and may contain unintended errors, inaccuracies or omissions. The author - and as applicable: the digitiser and translator - accepts no liability for any such errors, inaccuracies or omissions. To continue, the reader must accept all limitations of liability and the text ‘as is’ - or should refrain from further reading.

The above content is from the book "Utvandringshistorie fra Nordmøre - Stangvik og Surnadal Prestegjeld" (History of emigration from Nordmøre – Stangvik and Surnadal Parish (Norway)) - published in 1986 by Dordi Glærum Skuggevik - and is used by the author's kind permission. All photos are used by the owners' kind permission.

The English text - except for part VII and photo captions - is a private translation from Norwegian by Sjur Sivertson, used with his kind permission (copyright Sjur Sivertson).

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