Nelson Mandela, friend of humanity, has died at the age of 95. We have a great deal to thank him for. Not only was he a chief for his own people but a guiding beacon for all of humankind.

Free Nelson Mandela said Jerry Dammers in the 1980's hit song. These are three words that symbolises the man and his fight - for dignity and equality for all peoples.

A true king leads his people to better places and Nelson Mandelas was such a king. He was and will always be a moral compass - and a beacon in this world so filled with hate and abuse. Mandela was a fresh apple among too many rotten fruits in the basket of world leadership. If his spirit could set the standard for all eternity then the world would finally be the peaceful garden it was promised to be - the home for everyone that is Mandela's garden.

Go in peace, Madiba, to the place from whence you once came - and have a safe journey. We will remember you and your memory will travel far. The flames of Mandela's fire can never be quenched. Not for all eternity.

Nelson Mandela 18.07.1918 - 05.12.2013

In honour of Nelson Mandela, this website was originally meant to be named But out of respect for the great Madiba, we abided by his organisation's request for us not to use this name. Mandela's garden is a symbol that is strong. We are all creatures of Mandela's colourful garden.

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