With this humble memory profile we remember those who died in Oslo and on Utøya 22 July 2011. We lift them up with the force of love and togetherness - to the place where we all one day will find our haven of rest and of unbreakable peace. To the place where no one will ever be afraid or alone.

Our thoughts go to the bereaved - families and friends.

  1. We remember GUNNAR LINAKER, Born 07.07.88, from Bardu (Utøya)
  2. We remember TOVE ÅSHILL KNUTSEN, Born 31.07.54, from Oslo  (Oslo)
  3. We remember HANNA M. ORVIK ENDRESEN, Born 21.03.50, from Oslo (Oslo)
  4. We remember KAI HAUGE, Born 31.07.78, from Oslo (Oslo)
  5. We remember SHARIDYN SVEBAKK-BØHN, Born 17.07.97, from Drammen (Utøya)
  6. We remember SILJE MERETE FJELLBU, Born 13.11.93, from Tinn (Utøya)
  7. We remember HANNE A. BALCH FJALESTAD, Born: 13.10.67 from Lunner (Utøya)
  8. We remember BANO ABOBAKAR RASHID, Born: 28.12.92, from Nesodden (Utøya)
  9. We remember SYVERT KNUDSEN, Born: 21.08.93, from Lyngdal (Utøya)
  10. We remember DIDERIK AAMODT OLSEN, Born: 03.06.92, from Nesodden (Utøya)
  11. We remember SIMON SÆBØ, Born: 25.07.92, from Salangen (Utøya)
  12. We remember SYNNE RØYNELAND, Born: 18.01.93, from Oslo (Utøya)
  13. We remember ANNE LISE HOLTER, Born: 16.09.59, from Våler i Østfold (Oslo)
  14. We remember TROND BERNTSEN, Born: 12.05.60, from Øvre Eiker (Utøya)
  15. We remember BIRGITTE SMETBAK, Born: 25.02.96, from Nøtterøy (Utøya)
  16. We remember MARGRETHE BØYUM KLØVEN, Born: 03.03.95, from Bærum (Utøya)
  17. We remember EVEN FLUGSTAD MALMEDAL, Born: 06.12.92, from Gjøvik (Utøya)
  18. We remember TAMTA LIPARTELLIANI, Born 07.01.88, from Georgia (Utøya)
  19. We remember KEVIN DAAE BERLAND, Born 24.06.96, from Askøy (Utøya)
  20. We remember SILJE STAMNESHAGEN, Born 15.05.93, from Askøy (Utøya)
  21. We remember HANNE KRISTINE FRIDTUN, Born 15.08.91, from Stryn (Utøya)
  22. We remember KJERSTI BERG SAND, Born 10.10.84, from Nord-Odal (Oslo)
  23. We remember HÅKON ØDEGAARD, Born 18.05.94, from Trondheim (Utøya)
  24. We remember SONDRE FURSETH DALE, Born 19.02.94, from Haugesund (Utøya)
  25. We remember HENRIK ANDRÉ PEDERSEN, Born 19.02.84, from Porsanger (Utøya)
  26. We remember EIVIND HOVDEN, Born 26.01.96, from Tokke (Utøya)
  27. We remember ROLF CHRISTOPHER JOHANSEN PERREAU, Born 09.06.86, from Trondheim (Utøya)
  28. We remember SVERRE FLÅTE BJØRKAVÅG, Born 01.01.83, from Sula (Utøya)
  29. We remember EVA KATHINKA LÜTKEN, Born 03.07.94, from Sarpsborg (Utøya)
  30. We remember ISMAIL HAJI AHMED, Born 23.08.91, from Hamar (Utøya)
  31. We remember MARIA MAAGERØ JOHANNESEN, Born 24.03.94, from Nøtterøy (Utøy)
  32. We remember MODUPE ELLEN AWOYEMI, Born 14.08.95, from Drammen (Utøya)
  33. We remember LENE MARIA BERGUM, Born 16.03.92, from Namsos (Utøya)
  34. We remember GURO VARTDAL HÅVOLL, Born 17.06.93, from Ørsta (Utøya)
  35. We remember MARIANNE SANDVIK, Born 14.03.95, from Stavanger (Utøya)
  36. We remember ANDREAS DALBY GRØNNESBY, Born 16.07.94, from Stange (Utøya)
  37. We remember SONDRE KJØREN, Born 16.06.94, from Orkdal (Utøya)
  38. We remember BENDIK ROSNÆS ELLINGSEN, Born 26.01.93, from Rygge (Utøya)
  39. We remember GIZEM DOGAN, Born 01.05.94, from Trondheim (Utøya)
  40. We remember SNORRE HALLER, Born 29.04.81, from Trondheim (Utøya)
  41. We remember JOHANNES BUØ, Born 05.11.96, from Mandal (Utøya)
  42. We remember KARAR MUSTAFA QASIM, Born 22.02.92, Vestby (Utøya)
  43. We remember ANDREAS EDVARDSEN, Born 30.11.92, Sarpsborg (Utøya)
  44. We remember RONJA SØTTAR JOHANSEN, Born 03.02.94, Vefsn (Utøya)
  45. We remember EMIL OKKENHAUG, Born 02.11.95, Levanger (Utøya)
  46. We remember ÅSTA SOFIE HELLAND DAHL, Born 19.11.94, Sortland (Utøya)
  47. We remember MONICA ISELIN DIDRIKSEN, Born 18.02.93, Sund (Utøya)
  48. We remember RUNE HAVDAL, Born 16.12.67, Øvre Eiker (Utøya)
  49. We remember TORE EIKELAND, Born 18.05.90, Bergen (Utøya)
  50. We remember ESPEN JØRGENSEN, Born 06.06.94, Bodø (Utøya)
  51. We remember KARIN ELENA HOLST, Born 18.08.95, Rana (Utøya)
  52. We remember ALEKSANDER AAS ERIKSEN, Born 29.08.94, Meråker (Utøya)
  53. We remember VICTORIA STENBERG, Born 23.10.93, Nes (Utøya)
  54. We remember RUTH BENEDICTE VATNDAL NILSEN, Born 01.10.95, Tønsberg (Utøya)
  55. We remember ISABEL VICTORIA GREEN SOGN, Born 18.03.94, Oslo (Utøya)
  56. We remember IDA BEATHE ROGNE, Born 08.11.93, Østre Toten (Utøya)
  57. We remember ELISABETH TRØNNES LIE, Born 09.03.95, Halden (Utøya)
  58. We remember MONICA ELISABETH BØSEI, Born 20.01.66, Hole (Utøya)
  59. We remember HÅVARD VEDERHUS, Born 10.11.89, Oslo (Utøya)
  60. We remember CARINA BORGUND, Born 25.03.93, Oslo (Utøya)
  61. We remember INGRID BERG HEGGELUND, Born 20.09.92, Ås (Utøya)
  62. We remember TARALD KUVEN MJELDE, Born 23.01.93, Osterøy (Utøya)
  63. We remember PORNTIP ARDAM, Born 18.01.90, Oslo (Utøya)
  64. We remember ANDRINE BAKKENE ESPELAND, Born 30.07.94, Fredrikstad (Utøya)
  65. We remember TORJUS JAKOBSEN BLATTMANN, Born 19.09.93, Kristiansand (Utøya)
  66. We remember JAMIL RAFAL MOHAMAD JAMIL, Born 05.03.91, Eigersund (Utøya)
  67. We remember TINA SUKUVARA, Born 02.09.92, Vadsø (Utøya)
  68. We remember FREDRIK LUND SCHJETNE, Born 16.08.92, Eidsvoll (Utøya)
  69. We remember STEINAR JESSEN, Born 17.01.95, Alta (Utøya)
  70. We remember LEJLA SELACI, Born 09.01.94, Fredrikstad (Utøya)
  71. We remember HENRIK RASMUSSEN, Born 18.02.93, Hadsel (Utøya)
  72. We remember THOMAS MARGIDO ANTONSEN, Born 25.06.95, Oslo (Utøya)
  73. We remember MONA ABDINUR, Born 03.02.93, Oslo (Utøya)
  74. We remember ANDERS KRISTIANSEN, Born 30.01.93, Bardu (Utøya)
  75. We remember JON VEGARD LERVÅG, Born 17.02.79, Oslo (Oslo)
  76. We remember IDA MARIE HILL, Born 20.02.77, Oslo (Oslo)
  77. We remember HANNE EKROLL LØVLIE, Born 29.06.81, Oslo (Oslo)

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