Norway - the secret journey of Queen Maud's coffin

1 | The royal mausoleum at Akershus castle in 2005 | Photo: Per E. Hadland /

  The Norwegian royal family had a narrow escape in April 1940, fleeing Oslo and the German occupational forces. But what happened to the coffin of the recently departed Queen Maud of Norway? Was it safe during those five long years of war? Maud was No...

 Article   United Kingdom   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

St George's Gardens - an oasis in busy London

Old tomb - St George's Gardens. | Photo: Lars Dahlmann Anstensen.

  ST GEORGE'S GARDENS can be found in central London, UK. A peaceful, almost secret oasis in a city full of rushing people and noise. Once an active graveyard – now a place for contemplation. SURROUNDED BY A tall and fern clad wall, the garden's thr...

 Travel diary   Webmaster English   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

The catacomb of Domitilla - an underground city of the dead

01 | The catacomb of Domitilla - Roma. The basilica. | Photo:

  Ever since childhood I had wanted to visit the catacombs of Rome - and on the 22nd of September 2014 the time had finally come. My specific destination was the catacomb of Domitilla – on the southern outskirts of the eternal city. I have to say it wa...

 Travel diary   United Kingdom   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

Searching for family

Linda Thompson.

  Searching for my family's history, for me, started long ago - in a time that now feels like a different life. Being a wife and mom did not seem to be enough for me at the time, so I volunteered on a ambulance service. Working between 15 and 30 hours...

 My life story   United States   Linda Thompson

EIV-1 Diaries - Peder P. Sande

Read more about Peder Sande in chapter EIII-04 Fergus Falls - Otter Tail County - Underwood.

  At 9 am, we cross a large bridge that is the largest structure I have ever seen. It was over a fjerding long and built of iron and stone, and a large city, Montreal, was on the other side of the river. Previous chapter -  Full list of cha...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-03 Kandiyohi County - Willmar

Photo reference 221/1: Ole Erickson Follerøli. Here with his daughter Jeannie | Belongs to: Florence Erickson.

  Later we met the descendants of a Lofoten fisherman in Fort Ransom, North Dakota. Following a ferocious, stormy night on the Vestfjord, where one could only run before the wind to dry land, he said that he had enough. He went to America and settled w...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-01 Farther westward - Minnesota - Jackson

Photo reference 214/1: Ole G. Sogge (Teigavollen) and Guri born Trøan | Belongs to: Ole J. Sogge | Copy: Petrick Studio.

  They reached Jackson on June 12th and spent the next month in a camp in the Belmont area. The state land office had placed stakes around their claims so they might locate their land, and all helped in plowing up a little land for each other and diggi...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-19 Rice Lake

Photo reference 306/1: Johan Halle, Gunda Halle (on the right) and Gunda's sister Margaret Naess. Rice Lake 1985.

  On one of her trips, she dug up a small sapling tree and wrapped it around her waist beneath her clothes to smuggle the tree into the USA. She planted it on their gravesite in order to have a part of her home with her in the New World. Previous ch...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-18 The church records in Strum

The grave of Lars Aasen. Illustration photo from St Paul Lutheran Cemetery - Strum Wiconsin. From | Photo: James Seidelman

  Previous chapter  -  Full list of chapters  -  Liste over kapitler på norsk  -  Next chapter «HISTORY OF EMIGRATION FROM NORDMØRE - Stangvik and Surnadal parishes» * For disclaimer, please see end of text....

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

The last workhorse at Sandaker farm - Råde, Norway

1 | Trygve Sandaker and Rebergsokka - Sandaker farm, Råde, Norway. Probably mid 1960s.

  When I was a young boy it was the workhorse that pulled the heaviest weight in agricultural life. And this had been the reality for as long as anyone could remember. Life in the rural communities was based on close interaction between man, domestic a...

 Article   Webmaster English   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

EIII-17 Stanley

Photo reference 293/2: Lars I. Roe (Utistua Røv) and Ellen b. Krangness. The children: Standing - Norman, Ludwig, Imbert, Bertha, Herman and Edwin. At the front: Bernard, Borghild and Edna. | Belongs to: Borghild Syrdal.

  Around Maret, all the colors were gray and brown, or freshly scrubbed wood. Only the walls inside her cottage were colored. The dress fabric shimmered in Maret's lap. Maret said to her big sister, "Now they'll really stop calling this big girl t...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-16 Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Photo reference 289/2: Anna Nelson in a Shakespeare play at college. Stevens Point. | Belongs to: Robert Nelson.

  Ole Polden, a young Norwegian lad, died December 23rd at Luther Hospital of pneumonia, which he contracted while working in the woods. He has been in this country for three or four years. This was a noble lad, one of the few newcomers who knew enough...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

Listing of emigrants from Meldal - Sør-Trøndelag, Norway - part I

"Emigrants" by Gustav Wentzel, painted in Vågå 1903.

  When reading through the local history books for Meldal - hundreds of names with the word 'Amerika' next to them start appearing. People who left their ancestral Norway seeking a new future in the mythical America. So far from home - so far from the...

 Article   Webmaster English   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

EII-06 Our mariners on Lake Michigan

Photo reference 171/3: A ferry no longer in use - Elberta, wanted as a future museum. Frankfort is at the other side of Betsie Bay. (1985)

  Previous chapter  -  Full list of chapters  -  Liste over kapitler på norsk  - Next chapter «HISTORY OF EMIGRATION FROM NORDMØRE - Stangvik and Surnadal parishes» * For disclaimer, please see end of text. &n...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-05 Elberta and Frankfort

Photo reference 146/1: The entrance to Frankfort. Elberta is just across Betsie Bay on the left.

  Harrison Averill was the first resident in the region. He arrived in 1851 with his wife, child, and a work crew, and started a dam and sawmill near Lower Herring Lake south of Betsie Lake. The next settlement started in Elberta in 1855 when the Robar...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-04 The islands, East Jordan and Elk Rapids

Photo reference 142/1: Peder (Pete) Øien plowing on North Manitou Island - Stormer's farm | Belongs to: Eleanor Øien | Copy: Bud Palin.

  From the western side of the Leelanau peninsula near Northport, one can see the large islands North and South Manitou, the Fox Islands, and Beaver Island. Here there were once boatyards, fisheries, and lumber camps. A goodly number of our folks worke...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

Norway: old love never dies - 1895 anno domini


  This tiny but beautiful love story was on print in the Norwegian newspaper Moss Avis 13 July 1895. Neither the great Atlantic ocean nor time could separate what was meant to be. It goes to show that true love conquers all. "In 1868, a 22 year old b...

 Article   United States   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

EII-3 Suttons Bay

Photo reference 116/1: Suttons Bay High School - Home of the Norsemen.

  The first white family to settle in Suttons Bay was that of Harry C. Sutton of New York. They arrived in 1854. All was then covered by forest. The Sutton family initially shared a two-room log cabin with an Indian family, until they completed their o...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-2 Northport

Photo reference 092/1: Kathy Holton (Holten) f. Hommelstad. «Centennial Queen of Northport» (100th anniversary queen.) The spinning wheel (rokk) was brought from Norway. Photo taken in 1947. | Belongs to: Dick Hanson.

  The first white man to settle in Northport was the Lutheran pastor, George Nelson Smith, in 1849. He purchased his first apple trees in Omena Point from the Indian chieftain Shabwasung, chief of the Chippewas. Previous chapter - Full list of cha...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

E0-01 History of emigration from Nordmøre

«History of emigration from Nordmøre» - Peder (Pete) Øien plowing on North Manitou Island.

  In 1985, Dordi Glærum Skuggevik and her son Magne set out on an epic journey - from Nordmøre in Norway to forests and prairie in the promised land of North-America. Where did they go all those people emigrating from Stangvik and Surnadal a generation...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-1 The first - and why Michigan?

Isak Garte.

  Kristen Isakson Garte must have been the instigator and "architect" behind the start of the emigration from the Stangvik/Surnadal region. Previous chapter - Full list of chapters - Liste over kapitler på norsk  - Next chapter...

 Article   United States   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

Tim Godwin

Memorial stone for Tim Godwin in St George's Gardens in London. | Photo: Lars Dahlmann Anstensen.

  In the tranquil St George's Gardens in central London, you find a memorial stone in honour and remembrance of Tim Godwin. Some years ago I lived for a while in 1 Regent Square, London. Just behind the sitting room wall in the garden flat that I stay...

 Article   United Kingdom   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

My life so far

Dad at Dunning Glen

  For future generations to understand what my life was like. I was born in Blyth, Northumberland, and spent the first four years of my life living with my mother, brother, grandparents and aunts/uncles at 39 Croft Road. My father was in the Royal...

 My life story   United Kingdom   Linda Bruce

Listing of emigrants from Meldal - Sør-Trøndelag, Norway - part I

"Emigrants" by Gustav Wentzel, painted in Vågå 1903.

  When reading through the local history books for Meldal - hundreds of names with the word 'Amerika' next to them start appearing. People who left their ancestral Norway seeking a new future in the mythical America. So far from home - so far from the...

 Article   Webmaster English   Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

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Norwegian farm history - the tradition of summer pasture
«An evening at the summer dairy - sæteren» | Painted by Knud Bergslien - Nasjonalbiblioteket.
For more than a thousand years, Norwegian farms would send their livestock to the summer dairy. This...

 Article   United States 
 Norwegian farm history

The Norwegian farm - our age-old farming culture
Close to the Briksdal glacier Norway. | Photo: Nikolai Sorokin - Fotolia.
If you are interested in old Norwegian farming and family history - and take a closer look at the kn...

 Article   United States 
 Norwegian farm history

The Sortehaug farm history - Skodje, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Sortehaug - screengrab | Copyright: Google maps.
Skodje sogelag and Louis Giske wrote the history of the two Sortehaug farms and its inhabitants back...

 Building history   United States 
 Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

History is London – on my walk to Tavistock Square
Woburn Walk near Euston Station. | Photo: Lars Dahlmann Anstensen.
London is a city filled to the brim with history. What if every street and building could talk - ima...

 Travel diary   United Kingdom 
 Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

Norway – the two Trøndelag counties to merge
The Nidaros cathedral - Trondheim | Photo: alexpermyakov - Fotolia.
As a first such an event in modern times: Norwegian counties Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag have d...

 Article   United States 
 Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

First came the natural disasters – then came the Black Death
Illustration photo - Tabthipwatthana -
The Black Death – mother of all plagues - ravaged humankind in the mid 1300s. The pandemic erupted a...

 Article   United States 
 Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

The Stornæve farm history - Hølonda, Trøndelag, Norway
The Næve farms seen from above - screengrab | Copyright: Google maps.
Per O. Rød wrote the history of the Stornæve farm and its inhabitants back in 1968. Decades before,...

 Building history   United States 
 Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

Dirk Hardeman
Dirk Hardeman was born in Netherlands on Tuesday 25 February 1908. He was also known by the name...

 In memory of   United Kingdom 
 Jan-Pieter Atsma

Storhoff From Romedal, Hedmark
August Martinussen was born August 30, 1857 in Stange, Hedmark Norway, on the Storhov farm. He was...

 Family history   United States 
 Chardi Jensen

Tale of Two Sisters, From Aust-Agder to Poulsbo, WA., USA
Anne Gjertine Salvesdatter -Tallagson- Storhoff. From left to right, Thorwald Tallagson, Sohia Tallagson, Mary Tallagson, Elizabeth Tallagson, and Edward Storoff in very front.
Anne Gjertine Salvesdatter b. 1852 in Flekkefjord, and her sister Johanne Martine Salvesdatter b. 1...

 Family history   United States 
 Chardi Jensen

James Arness – western hero and Norwegian viking
James Arness in "Gunsmoke". |  Publicity photo.
Are you hailing from Sykkylven in Møre og Romsdal, Norway? Well, then you might be related to the gr...

 In memory of   United States 
 Lars Dahlmann Anstensen

Arnold Mogseth
Arnold Mogseth was born in United States on Sunday 12 December 1909. These are life events r...

 In memory of   United States 
 Sagahuus Meldal

Haagen Haagensen Sæterhaugen
Haagen Henry Haagensen Sæterhaugen b 1841 Surnadal, and wife Berthe Maria Stræte b 1853 Buskerud. Berthe went by Betsey in America. She was born in Drammen, Buskerud, but moved to Gran. Her parents were Ole Larsen Stræte b 1818 in Hof, and Else Jensdatter b 1821 in Kittlesrud. They had several more children; Lauritz, Johan, Arne, Oluf, & Else Janette. 
The Stræte family immigrated to America in 1867.
This is a story about Haagen Henry Haagensen from Sæterhaugen farm in Surnadal, Mor og Romsdalen. H...

 Family history   United States 
 Chardi Jensen

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